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    Energize Your Busy Pup #RecipesWithPurpose

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    Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats

    Hey y’all! Happy Thursday ūüôā I am so excited to share a fun snack tutorial on how I Fuel The Wag for my pup with Nature’s Recipe! With my busy schedule, my (almost) 3-year old pup stays just as busy and it is so important to me to keep his energy up during the day, so he can get good sleep at night.

    For this tutorial you’ll need:

    • Nature’s Recipe Dry Dog Food from Food Lion. You can find Nature’s Recipe in the dry dog food aisle.
    • Apple sauce
    • Pumpkin puree
    • Muffin pan
    • Oil spray
    • 15 minutes of prep time, 45 minutes to freeze and 5 minutes to plate then serve

    So, let’s get started!

    1. Start with 2-cups of Nature’s Recipe Dry Dog Food from Food Lion
    2. Add 1 cup of apple sauce
    3. Add a half can of pumpkin puree
    4. Mix all ingredients together so that the dry dog food is coated with apple sauce and pumpkin puree
    5. Use a coating spray to coat your muffin pan
    6. Fill the muffin pan with your mixture about 3/4 of the way
    7. Top off each with a thick layer of pumpkin puree so that the top of each muffin pan is smooth
    8. Pop in the freezer for 45 minutes
    9. Take you pup on a long walk or playtime with the neighbor’s pup
    10. Take the muffin pan out of the freezer and plate the treats to display

    Pretty simple, right? Here are some other tips

    • To store, add treats to a freezer safe sandwich bag and store in the freezer
    • If you want the entire treat to look smooth all around, coat your muffin pan with pumpkin puree on the bottom and sides

    Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats Nature's Recipe Dog Food Treats


    My pup is OBSESSED with these treats and I love how they keep him energized all throughout the date. Nature’s Recipe, that can be purchased from Food Lion, is a great choice to Fuel the Wag of your pup. Their dog food includes high quality ingredients,¬†Natural Recipes with added vitamins and minerals, no corn or wheat and you can buy Grain-Free options. I am so happy that Nature’s Recipe Dry Dog Food is now being sold in mass grocery stores, such as Food Lion, since it was previously only sold in specialty stores. This change makes it easy for me to grad a bag at my local Food Lion at any time.

    Are you interested in trying out Nature’s Recipe? Use this Checkout51 offer to get $3¬†back when you purchase any one Nature’s Recipe product: Here. Want to learn about Nature’s Recipe? Click HERE for more information. Let me know in the comments how you Fuel the Wag of your dog <3 – xo, Azanique

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    Life Update: Quitting Jobs

    Odom Farm Inc

    Happy Monday, y’all! Well, I’ve been hinting at this for a few days but ICYMI: I quit my job.¬†In my perfect world, I would love to say that I quit to pursue blogging full-time, but that’s not the case. However, I am actually excited to share a little bit about this that I have been keeping on the low for some time plus, some tips I would have gotten during college.

    So, a little back story: I recently graduated with a dual-bachelor’s degree, concentrations in two subjects and a crap ton of student organizations, volunteer commitments and other things that made my first resume insanely long (It was amazing to cut off a ton of extra lines of information for a sleek one-page resume for job hunting this time around). It was such a great relief to finally be done + have a job waiting for me as soon as I graduated. I was¬†thrilled¬†at the thought because unlike many of my friends, I was so blessed to not have a hard time hunting for jobs and securing interviews. Looking back, I realize that I was on a “high” sort of and missed many things that were a reflection of what my experiences would soon be. So the first think I wish I heard is to¬†trust your gut.¬†You know when you’re about to make a decision that your parents would¬†not¬†be proud of and you feel it in the pit of your stomach because you know it is dangerous or harmful or just not your best judgement? Trust that. For me, looking back, I know that I felt that I hadn’t made a full, honest and complete decision but I had entirely too much pride to say that I made a mistake.

    My second bit would be to¬†fully read and understand your job description.¬†This sounds S O simple, but honestly, I feel like a lot of people miss it. No matter if you currently looking or will be soon, I strongly advise you to ask as many questions as you can about the day-to-day job responsibilities or job title or anything else that is causing you confusion. My favorite thing during an interview to inquire about is the “other duties as assigned” bit. This phrase is ALWAYS a net for tons of other duties that could either be exciting or challenging or new or boring or difficult, but you will never know until you ask. I ¬†ask how much time would be spent in each sub category of the job. Example: Lets say your main three job descriptions include handling digital + print communications; event planning and supervision of volunteers. If you know deep down that event planning is something you struggle with or need more help/training on, it may be helpful to ask how much of time will be dedicated to that so you know in advance and can seek out the proper resources or help when needed. Learning that your job will be 40% of doing something you don’t think is a talent of yours will either pull you closer to the opportunity of turn you away completely.¬†Both are okay.

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    TriFABB Meet-up at Kendra Scott


    Happy, happy Tuesday! Y’all, maybe it’s me but I felt like last week d r a g g e d ¬†on, even though it was only a 4-day work week! Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I successfully cleaned my entire apartment this weekend. & that is a miracle because I don’t even remember the last time I made my bed. (ouch!) Besides that, I did a bunch of business planning, organizing my closet (ICYMI, my favorite clothing rack broke a few weeks ago! NBD, but that is how I plan my clothes for the week & outfits to shoot, so UBER annoying) and getting ready for fall. Friday, when I left the office for lunch and felt the first fall b r e e z e, I am pretty sure I burst into tears of happiness. Fall has always been my favorite season and lately, since I have been feeling very stressed and rushed, the fresh air was everything I needed to bring me to the present day. It’s the small things, right?!

    So y’all, I am excited to finally share this post with you! A few weeks ago, Molly, founder of TriFABB, put together a fun quarterly meet-up for us North Carolina gals. Y’all, we had a B L A S T. Kendra Scott in North Hills hosted us and ¬†20% of the nights proceeds went to Transforming Hope Ministries, an anti-human trafficking group in the triangle area. We were blessed to have Dior from Dillards there to do our make-up A N D Molly was generous enough to headshots for everyone. What a doll she is, right?! On top of those fabulous treats, Seasons52 was there to provide us with tasty desserts! This was actually my first TriFABB meet-up, so naturally I was very nervous to meet new ladies. But everyone was so welcoming, the same way the entire blogging community has been to me, and I had a great night. Something I always say when I talk to new bloggers is to find a community of bloggers and connect with them. Without a supportive blogging community, I would have stopped blogging months ago. It really makes a difference to be surrounded by that support but to also have people that understand blogging and the digital influencer world. I am so pumped to meet-up with some of the ladies for other events later this month/in the early fall!¬†

    Molly took majority of these photos, so another H U G E thank you to her! Here are my outfit details: 

    TriFABB Meet-up Kendra Scott TriFABB Meet-up Kendra Scott TriFABB Meet-up Kendra Scott TriFABB Meet-up Kendra Scott Kendra-Scott-triFABB-event-Kendra-Scott-triFABB Kendra-Scott-triFABB-event-Kendra-Scott-triFABB

    Have a lovely week everyone! -xo, Azanique <3

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