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    Welcome to Lots of Sass

    & Just like that, I have a fashion blog.

    Welcome to Lots of Sass, a fashion & lifestyle blog created by me, Azanique Rawl. If you know me at all, you know that I’m #Obsessed with clothes & am pretty much a self-diagnosed shopaholic (Seriously, shopping every weekend) I am so excited start on this journey and meet all you wonderful people. So here’s some tips to start:

    1. You can always shop my latest fashion finds on my sidebar widget that says “Recent Purchases”
    2. You can “Like” my blog Facebook page for more updates: Fb.Me/LotsOfSassBlog
    3. You can find me on Instagram & Twitter: @LotsOfSassBlog
    4. My favorite store is Belk: Lots of brands, always good sales & a huge selection AKA a fashion lovers’ dream

    Check back tomorrow for my first post: Thanksgiving Outfit Essentials Under $50! In the meantime, check out my recent #LooksImLoving. Happy Monday & have a great week :


    Fall Clothes - Kim Rogers Sweater, Kate Spade Watch, New Direction Necklace & Wet Seal PurseFall Clothes - Pink Celebrity Sweater, Charlotte Russe Booties, New Direction NecklaceFall Clothes - Old Navy Dress, Charlotte Russe Blanket Scarf



    P.S. – You’ll want to join me on Facebook for my #QOTW inspo every Monday. Missed today? No worries, here’s you #QOTW:

    What are you willing to give up to have the life you keep pretending you want? -- E. Gilbert Click To Tweet
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    10 affirmations for when you’re overworked & undone

    Un•done /ˌənˈdən/: Synonyms: unfulfilled, incomplete, unaccomplished & unfinished

    Happy Monday y’all!  It’s safe to say that as we shift into autumn where days get shorter, semester course loads gets greater and temperatures get cooler, it is much easier to give up when things aren’t going the way you want. However, when you’re overwhelmed, underpaid (usually) and just simply over it, here are some words to keep you going:

    it is well download

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    Unapologetically Me

    When your accomplishments don’t feel like your own – Imposter syndrome?

    Last week, I woke up filled with an energy that felt so happy and free…yet so heavy all at once. I realized my life was “perfect”. All the things I had been praying and hoping for, for the past year, were all coming true. I felt confident in my walk in God, I felt safe in my relationships, solid in my school studies and excited for the future. I felt that I had made it. I was receiving honors, congrats, awards and opportunities around every corner. I was signing off on contracts for things I had in the making for months and making huge decisions that would change the lives of others, way more than change mine. For the longest time, I had wanted more responsibility, this kind of recognition, these opportunities to prove myself, but they didn’t feel right.

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