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    How to start the best semester ever!

    Hi friends! Welcome back to Absolutely Azanique. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve done some revamping on the blog, as well as got my own domain. I now officially own a little piece of the internet. HOORAY! So, for my ECU and surroundings schools fam, the new semester starts tomorrow. So let’s talk about how to start the best semester ever!

    1. Get organized – Okay, now y’all know I love all things organization and this needs to your first priority. So here’s the top 3 ways:


    How to de-stress & tackle a busy week

    First, I know I know I know – when you have a super busy week full of appointments, work, meetings, church, volunteering, studying, teaching, etc. etc. etc., it can seem daunting and overwhelming at the thought that your to-do list is a mile long. But I am here to help. Now, let me start by saying, Girl I feel ya! Almost every Sunday I look at my planner and wonder “How in the world can I get all this done?” but I do it and you can to. So, here we go…

    1. BREATHE! Sounds simple right? But when you begin to feel overwhelmed, defeated and straight up out of it, taking a few deep breaths will help. No, I don’t mean huff and puff then think that’s it. Take a few moments, clear your mind of all things worrying you and take 5 deep breaths. Start by putting your right hand on your chest and left hand on yob81536e472c4eb229645497ccc0893edur stomach. As you take in as much as air as your lungs can handle, then slowly breathe out through your nose, you will feel a sense of relief. Really try to feel the motions of your body – the way your chest rises when you inhale and the way your stomach pushes out when you exhale. Got it? Okay good. Even when you feel frazzled during the day, irritated at your computer acting up or just need a second to regain composure, start with this simple breathing exercise.

    2. Prioritize, Eliminate & Let go!  A lot of

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