What being the over-involved student taught me

Hey y’all, welcome back to Absolutely Azanique! It’s only the third week of my final year at ECU and I’ve already feel like the #OverInvolvedStudentStruggles are far too real. But instead of complaining about the struggles, here are the best lessons I’ve learned:

Your planner is the most responsible friend you’ll ever have.

It’s no surprise that my planner is my favorite accessory of all time. Like honestly, thank you Corie Clark for saving my life with the Purposeful Planner. Not sure if I would know my own name without the help of planner. Okay, kidding. But seriously, some days are just too much and not enough at the same time. If you haven’t invested in a good planner yet,see how I maximize use of my last planner by Day Designer collar with Blue Sky  here: How to start the best semester ever!

Your friends don’t understand why you enjoy meetings so much.

There’s been so many times where my friends will make fun of me for being so excited for meetings, agendas and planning hubs but I love it. It’s great to see the fruits of labor produce in front of your eyes and know that it all came from a couple of ideas and few nights of coffee overloads. Did some reflecting on this a few weeks ago, check it our here: When I learned it was okay to be “Too Much”

There’s always something in your life that is going extremely well.

One of the best things about being involved in so many activities, is that when one thing falls apart, there’s always something else amazing going on that you can learn from. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve felt like I’ve dropped the ball in a meeting or couldn’t come up with the best ideas but going to other organizations and bouncing ideas off of fresh brains, saved my behind. #TooBlessedToBeStressed is an everyday praise. Having various groups of people to create with and learn from is something that you’ll be thankful for if not now, in the near future.

Sometimes we forget that just because we can’t do it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

There are enough hours in day.

I know you’re thinking what? Like, how? But seriously, we say we don’t have the time to spare, but we usually do. In the same 24 hours, you may do two homework assignments and go to 3 classes. To some, that’s enough and that’s an accomplishment (which it totally is). But someone, one of your fellow over-involved college students will do those same two assignments and go to 3 classes but may also teach a Zumba class at the generational center, tutor kids in the local after school program, run a 1.5 hour meeting and still have time to grab dinners with friends and beer with their significant other. Being an #OverInvolvedStudent , you learn how to maximize every minute of your day and second of your spare time. So, #NoExcuses 🙂

Your degree will only be a speck of your resume, but your experience will run the show.

One thing you sometimes forget, is that by doing so much now while you’re young, you’re learning many of the skills that people twice your age having to go back and learn. On top of learning the skills needed for your courses, you’re learning how to teach others by tutoring, how to engage in community outreach by volunteering at your local church, how to run social media sites by being the PR/Marketing/Social Media Chair for your organization and how to collect, clean and record data by being a research assistant for your professors. On top of that, you never have to lie on your resume about having great time management skills, Microsoft experience, good at multitasking or being an effective leader because you would have drowned in your responsibilities by now if you didn’t. Not to mention, your LinkedIn profile is #OnPoint.

Caffeine is one of God’s greatest creations.

I’ve tried to lay off the coffee but when you’re going on 3 days of 6 hours of sleep and endless commitments, the Starbucks employees become your best friends. No need to be embraced that they know you by name, your order, how many shots of espresso you need and your gold care membership number.

Coffee, tea and juice refreshers are your friend. No shame.

You’re an expert at cooking 20 minute meals.

I’ve literally cooked dinner, ate, took my dog out, checked the mail, changed my clothes, swapped out school bags and answered emails in 30 minutes flat. Crazy to some, amazing to others. I’ve become a master at easy healthy meals. If you’re struggling to find quick recipes, check out Pinterest.

Alone time is amazing, but you feel like you should be doing something else.

I love having some free time in my days or on the weekends, but I’m always wondering what project I could be working on or what class I could be getting ahead in. But we all know self-care and alone time are vital for surviving college. However, my brain is always creating and planning events even when I’m trying to relax. If you’re looking at reading to fill your down time, heck out my Reading List. And last, but sure not least:

It is always worth it.

When you’re on your 4th day of 5 hours of sleep per night, you have 3 group projects due on the same day, a philanthropy event needs to be rescheduled and your dog needs to get his shots by tomorrow – you might wonder, “Is this even worth it?” But the answer is always yes. No doubt becoming overwhelmed may happen, you might pull an all-nighter by accident and have to wake up at 5:30am for a week to get emails sent, but it is always worth it. Not only are you holding yourself accountable, you are showing someone else that it can be done. You are showing someone that it’s never too early to start chasing your dreams. You are showing someone that their only barrier to success is themselves. And, you are showing yourself that you are capable of many great things.

Well, that’s all folks. Hope each of you having an amazing and productive week 🙂 Quote inspo of the week, “It never occurred to me there were things I couldn’t do.” – SW


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