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    Blue Ruffles + Midweek Sales

    moto jacket ripped jeans taupe booties ruffle top gold earrings

    This post was sponsored by an ongoing ambassadorship with PinkBlush. All opinions are my own.

    Top // Earrings // Booties | Studded Booties // Necklace // Jacket

    Happy Tuesday, friends 🙂 I hope everyone had a lovely Monday and are ready for Thanksgiving, which is just two short days away. Like every holiday, I am running around last minute attempting to pull together last minute details, get my house cleaned, pack up what I need and plan ahead for the next couple weeks. I absolutely adore the holidays but one thing I want to do this year is avoid Today, I’m sharing this fun ruffle top from PinkBlush. I absolutely adore this top and how it flows in the wind. I love that this top is a little heavy, similar to a light sweater, because I can continue to wear it all throughout the winter months and layer accordingly with some OTK boots, a cardigan and leggings. PinkBlush will be having 40% off EVERYTHING this Black Friday, so if you love any of the items I have styled from them, make sure you set your alarm early to jump on this sale because I know things will go quickly. In the meantime, check out some great midweek sales happening right now. I’ve rounded up my favorites from Charlotte RusseJ. Crew Factory  and Kate SpadeI can’t wait to share some great Black Friday and Cyber Week sales with y’all, so be sure to be checking back all week for the best deals and steals that you can find online. Thanks for reading y’all! -xo, Azanique <3

    Top // Earrings // Booties | Studded Booties // Necklace // Jacket

    Charlotte Russe – All shoes $25 an under

    J. Crew Factory – 50% off everything

    Kate Spade –  Up to 75% off (All of these are under $200)

    How to Wear Ruffles on a Top How to Wear Ruffles on a Top moto jacket ripped jeans taupe booties ruffle top gold earrings moto jacket ripped jeans taupe booties ruffle top gold earrings moto jacket ripped jeans taupe booties ruffle top gold earrings How to Style a Moto Jacket How to Wear Ruffles on a Top How to Style a Moto Jacket

    Top // Earrings // Booties | Studded Booties // Necklace // Jacket



    Friday Five

    Why I Transitioned to Organic Products

    Seventh Generation Organic Tampons

    This post is sponsored by Seventh Generation and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Lots of Sass possible!

    Happy Monday, friends! I hope y’all had a lovely weekend and have started this holiday week off on a great foot. As I mentioned the other day, I will be traveling for Thanksgiving so this week has started with me getting tons of laundry and cleaning done so I can pack and come home to a clean home when I return. Am I the only person that has to clean like crazy before they leave town? I always get so nervous that I will return too late the night before work or something important and then, won’t be able to get myself together. Another thing I do is take out my clothes and meal plan for the next week. This is something I learned to do very early on when I started college and it has stuck with me over the past few years. What are y’alls must-do tasks before leaving town? Let me know in the comments so I don’t feel alone.

    So a few months ago, I mentioned in one my posts that I wanted to start transitioning to cleaner products because 1. It is better for me (semi-sensitive skin) and 2. I wanted to be more aware of what I was putting in my body. One of the first things I transitioned was my feminine products AKA tampons to Seventh Generation Free and Clear Organic Tampons. What I was searching for most in organic feminine products was dye free and fragrance free, because honestly y’all, I don’t need any dyes or added fragrances down there. So like anything else I need to know, I went straight to Google and searched for exactly that and was so excited to see that Seventh Generation made tampons just like what I was looking for. For the past two years, I have used their dish detergent and was so pleased with how gentle it was on my hands and dishes. So obviously y’all, I headed right to Target and grabbed 4 boxes so I would be stocked up. As I was reading the box and trying to educate myself a little more on why organic feminine products were so important, here were some other things I learned:

    • Seventh Generation’s Organic Cotton Tampons has a new smooth, BPA-free plastic applicator that is designed for your comfort.
    • The comfort applicator is made with 95% plant-based materials, rather than petroleum-based sources.
    • Our Free & Clear, Certified Organic Cotton Tampons are hypoallergenic and made for your most sensitive skin with no added fragrances.
    • The Certified Organic Cotton provides you with effective leak protection.
    • Seventh Generation Organic Cotton Tampons with Comfort Applicators are available in regular and super absorbency and can be found at your local Target.

    Out of those, being hypoallergenic and made with mostly plant-based materials were the two that won me. I personally felt it was important to invest in organic feminine products primarily to avoid add breakouts and rashes, that could potentially come from feminine products that contain dyes and added fragrances, that I didn’t feel like I needed anyway. I love that Seventh Generation believes in a woman’s right to know what is in her feminine care products, and advocates for ingredient disclosure in all feminine products. In addition, being plant-based versus petroleum-based is more eco-friendly and overall better for our planet. Altogether, I have been using Seventh Generation Free and Clear Organic Tampons for 6+ months and have loved them more than I ever thought I could. Are ya’ll looking to transition to more feminine organic products? I totally suggest to start with Seventh Generation Free and Clear Organic Tampons! Make sure to stop by your local Target and snag a few boxes for yourself.

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    Have a lovely day friends! See ya tomorrow 🙂 -xo, Azanique <3

    Seventh Generation Organic Tampons Seventh Generation Organic Tampons

    Seventh Generation Organic Tampons Seventh Generation Organic Tampons




    Bodycon + Blanket Scarf

    How to wear a blanket scarf

    This post was sponsored by an ongoing collaboration with PinkBlush. All opinions are my own.

    Dress: Long sleeveSimilar , Plus Size // Scarf (B2G1 Free) // Booties // Hat | Hat // Necklace

    Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone has had a lovely week. Just the other day I was looking at my calendar planning meetings and realized that we are now a little more than halfway through November and that Thanksgiving is next week. I seriously thought my eyes were deceiving me – like what. As much as I love the holidays and fall months, I am totally unprepared for this season. This year I am finally going to get a tree and haven’t even began thinking about decorations, presents or where I am even going to place it in my house. Bottom line – I’m on the hot mess express right now. In the next few weeks, I’ll be posting giftguides, black Friday sales and other specials/flash sales that are happening leading up to Christmas. I have so many gift guide ideas but if y’all have anything you definitely want to see including certain price ranges, stores or themes, just drop me a comment or email here:

    I am so excited to be sharing the “it” dress this season. I’m sure y’all have seen this bodycon dress all over social media by now in different colors and sleeve lengths. As much as I love to travel on my own fashion path, I wanted to try out this trend for my petite and thick girls. For reference, I’m 5’1 and wear an average size of a 8 or 10. As I scrolled through Instagram, the only girls I saw sporting this body con dress were either very thin, very tall or both, which I don’t think gives other girls who don’t fit into that criteria the chance see how the dress would work for them. I opted to size up for a looser fit because honestly y’all, I did not want this dress hugging on my belly rolls. Also, I don’t wear very tight clothing in my day to day life and I wanted my readers to be able to see their options if they don’t feel comfortable or don’t choose to wear very tight clothing. So first, I snagged this green short sleeve body con dress from PinkBlush, which y’all know is one of my favorite online retailers. Majority of their clothing items come in womens, womens plus, maternity and maternity plus sizes – AKA more options and more inclusive of women of every size.

    BTW, If y’all in the market for blanket scarves, I get mine from Etsy! They are currently buy 2 get 1 free plus the more you buy, the more you get free. These make the perfect stocking stuffers so even if you don’t need three right now, grabbing one for yourself and two for others as gifts is a great way to get ahead on shopping and a way to not break the bank. So, let me tell y’all about how comfortable these booties are. I have worn them for shopping trips, full days of travel and at a fashion show and my feet never hurt through any of that. I snagged them last year and just recently realized that they are dupes for a Lucky brand pair that are practical identical, but these are half the price. My floppy hat is from an Express Outlet about two years ago but here are two similar options: here and here. Y’all, wearing this hat makes me feel like my life is put together, even though it is the furthest thing from right now. Lastly, my necklace was handmade by Cynthia from Cynthia 01 Designs as a special present for me. There are so many great ways to style this dress and I hope y’all see how anyone of any shape and size can make this dress work for them. Okay y’all, that’s all that I have for today. Tomorrow, I will have a gift guide up on the blog. Make sure you stop by to check it out. -xo, Azanique <3

    How to wear a blanket scarf How to wear a blanket scarf How to wear a blanket scarf How to wear a blanket scarf How to wear a blanket scarf How to wear a blanket scarf


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