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    Organic Beauty with Suzanne Somers

    Where to find organic beauty products to try

    This post was sponsored by PRIMP network and Suzanne Somers. Thank you for supporting brands that support me.

    Happy Thursday, sweet friends! I hope everyone has had a lovely day! This week has been A M A Z I N G for me in so many ways and I cannot wait to share more details about why soon. Just under 5 months ago, I left my first full-time job post graduation and when I say my life has done a complete a 180, I am not exaggerating. So, this week I’m grateful for closed doors, new beginnings and growing pains that have catapulted me into a wonderful position at 23! #BooYah

    Anyway, today I’m sharing a couple new organic products all from Suzanne Somers that you can snag 20% off with code “PRIMP20”. So, lets get started!

    Organic Beauty with Suzanne Somers Organic Beauty with Suzanne SomersOrganic Beauty with Suzanne Somers Organic Beauty with Suzanne Somers

    SUZANNE 10-Toxin Free Nail Polish

    Y’all, fall colors are my absolute favorite and the only range of colors I wear all year long. Along with switching over feminine products to organic and to organic fruits, I’m pumped to find eco-friendly nail polish that I can start using. SUZANNE 10-Toxin Free Nail Polish is made with the highest quality vegan products (and cruelty free) to produce the safest 10-toxin free nail polish available. Honestly y’all, its a win/win for me. Which color is your favorite? I cannot get over how adorable Suede is!

    Organic Beauty with Suzanne Somers

    SUZANNE Organics 3‑Piece Complete Hair Care Set

    Okay, I am extremely picky when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. However, organic hair product work best for me when I have a weave/extensions. The conditioner is the most hydrating A N D leaves my hair smelling amazing.

    what organic products I am loving February 2018

    Ageless Serum, Bioactive Moisturizer, and Liquid Oxygen Facial Serum

    Y’all, I am a firm believer that is starting anti-wrinkle beauty regimens is the best way to stay forever young. Between overexposure to the sun, lack of sleep and stress, I am constantly think about how each of those factors impact my skin. I am currently loving this moisturizer for night time before bed and I mix a little of it with my day moisturizer with SPF 20. Since my skin is oily, the liquid oxygen therapy oil and ageless serum are only on weekly beauty rotation 1-2 a week.

    Where to find organic beauty products to try

    So, a few months ago I was on the hunt for hair, skin and nails supplements. It had been several months since I stopped taking these supplements regularly and could see exactly how it was impacting my skin, nails and hair health. I’m halfway through this 30-day supply and can definitely see how my nails and hair are growing stronger. I have, and suggest, that you increase you water intake whenever you had on HS&N supplements to  combat any minor breakouts in the beginning. The best part is that you can sign-up for the auto-renew plan and new run out! Score!

    Where to find organic beauty products to try

    Well, that’s all I have for now friends! What organic beauty products are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments and I will be sure to check them out! For 20% off your Suzanne Somers purchase, use code “PRIMP20”. -xo, Azanique<3




    Fashion Work Wear Wednesday

    Recycled Neutrals at Work

    Styling basics for a simple work look

    Happy Monday, y’all! How was your weekend? As always, the weekend went by extremely too quick for me and I’m already wishing it was Saturday again. As much as I love working and having a full to-do list during the week, relaxing on the weekends are equally a love of mine. I had so many exciting things happen this weekend that I am literally itching to share in the next few weeks! Until then, I am hoping that everyone is on a good track with their New Year resolutions and goals.

    So, one of the few things I’m working on this year is buying less and giving more. The easiest way for me to work on this habit is to donate items when I buy items or the 1 in 1 out rule. While doing all throughout January and for the first week of February, I realized that I had way more clothes in my closet than I thought. While searching through stacks of clothes last weekend to donate, I found so many hidden gems that I haven’t seen since I moved into my condo over 3 years ago. Staring with this adorable Calvin Klein skirt pencil skirt for work. I remember scoring this on clearance for about $10 and falling head over heels in love with it. I planned to wear it to a conference at the time and end up not attending the conference AKA it never got worn and remained in the back part of my closet. This top was also a clearance find last year at a local boutique and so was this necklace. Does anyone else do the same thing? Buy something for a specific event and never wear it if that event doesn’t happen? That’s the main reason why I started by “3 Time Rule” where before buying an item, I find three places/events/! Do you have other wardrobe rules to keep your closet only stocked with what you need? Let me know in the comments. -xo, Azanique <3

    Styling basics for a simple work look black top steve madden pumps and loft block color skirt Styling basics for a simple work look Simple Work wear for her Simple Work wear for her


    Fashion Work Wear Wednesday

    Business Monday Uniform

    old navy harper pants for work steve madden pumps

    Top // Pants // Pumps // Necklace // Earrings

    Happy Monday, y’all! Before anything, I have to let out a big secret: I have been quietly screaming inside since I watched Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy video. I know people have mixed feelings towards the Kardashians/Jenners but I absolutely adore them and have 0 shame about it. If you haven’t see the video, I suggest you find 12 minutes to watch it from start to end. I promise, you’re going to need tissues! I watched it three times yesterday and cried E V E R Y single time. #SorryNotSorry

    I normally share work looks once a month for my #WorkWearWednesday series, but today I am excited to share this easy colorful work look. If y’all read my Q&A/#WorkWearWednesday from last month, you would have read about my post-grad work life (aka working 3 part-time jobs and LOVING it vs the 9-5 bore that I had my first 6 months out of college). From that post, I received so many questions and comments and emails about how I structure my days and get everything done since I work from home majority of the week. Typically, on Mondays I am working from my home office in either my pjs or comfy leggings/yoga pants and a sweatshirt. I also use Mondays to catch up on the week before and to try to get ahead for the upcoming week but usually fall into the black hole of emails around midday. However, the past few Mondays I have been trying a new routine of getting dressed in business casual clothes and going to a coffee shop to do work. Most Mondays I don’t want to get out of bed so forcing myself to get dressed, put on make-up and leave my house IS THE ULTIMATE STRUGGLE. With that, I try to introduce new colors to my wardrobe on Mondays and feel them out for the week. I’m probably the only person who does this but I am working on expanding my personal style and have been dying to try colorblocking. I consider this outfit a “light” colorblock look since my top is a pale pink. There are sweet ruffle details on the sleeve and corners of this top that make it dainty and pretty for work but also easy to dress down since ruffles are the latest trend. I pulled out some of my favorite pants from Old Navy that are like a bright midnight blue and added my new Steve Madden dark blush pumps. Y’all, I adore these colors together because they put me in the mood for spring (even though I shot this in 30 degree weather). This outfit has basically turned into my Monday uniform because I have a lot of flexibility and comfortability in both the pants and top. One of my best tips for working from home is to invest in comfortable pieces that you can wear siting on the ground, at your office, in the local coffee shop and during Skype meetings/conference calls. Have y’all tried color blocking? How are you integrating it into your daily wardrobe or your work wardrobe? Let me know in the comments -xo, Azanique <3

    what to wear to the office for her with pinkblush and old navy harper pants with steve madden bailie pointy pumps how to wear color blocking to work what to wear to the office for her with pinkblush and old navy harper pants with steve madden bailie pointy pumps old navy harper pants for work steve madden pumps old navy harper pants for work steve madden pumps old navy harper pants for work steve madden pumps

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