When I learned it was okay to be “Too Much”

    Hi friends! Recently I did a post on How I found my voice & afterwards, I felt liberated, free, transparent and honest all at once. I had shared many of my personal struggles, frustrations and short-comings & I’m so happy to have received so much positive feedback from everyone. It can be hard sharing your story with people you know but it is even harder sharing your story via the internet where people are often not as accepting as your close friends & family would be. I received a few emails from people struggling with finding their own voice because fear of backlash from others. For starters, I encourage you to read I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn’t): Making the Journey from “What Will People Think?” to “I Am Enough, secondly, I wanted to share this post on how I learned it was okay to be “too much” to some people. So, here are the most common things I heard.

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    What to do when you just can’t get it together

    Hi friends, welcome back to Absolutely Azanique. I know for myself, that far too often I feel like I can’t get “it” together and now I know I’m not the only one because a few people requested this post (Soul-Sistas, hey girl!) So let’s talk about it!

    The first thing I discovered, many times after repeating this nonstop to myself, was that I had no idea what my “it” was. I just felt chaotic. Like everything was everywhere and everyone was no where to be found, ya know? Even though it took, what felt like 5ever, I tackled that feeling! Here’s how: Continue Reading


    How I found my voice as a ________

    Hi friends, welcome back to Absolutely Azanique. The past two weeks or so have been INSANE to say the least. In the midst of such a busy time of the year, conference after forum after summit after meetings, while connecting with many strong, successful, women professionals, I found myself wondering “When was it that I found my voice?” So many times we hear the successful women & men we look up to say they found their voice once they wrote book or taught their first college class or landed a huge job in D.C. – but what about me?

    e1d6435644a73b2431a2a80520b6a0d6For us normal people, meaning not super famous or successful yet, it may be hard to think about finding your voice or why your voice matters when you can’t reach millions of Twitter followers, get hundreds of views on your Instagram videos or thousands of screenshots on your Snapchat stories. But the truth is, the earlier you find your voice, the better it will be for yourself and your future influencers. I wondered, how can I help someone find their voice now, when they are yearning to be heard and yearning to be acknowledged and yearning to be understood.

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