Facing failure or rejection: Where do I go from here?

    *Sigh*, the stuff no one wants to talk about or help you through. Personally, I’ve dealt with many times from not getting the job I want, getting negative feedback/pushback on a project I’ve been working on, being told my work isn’t good enough and so on and so on. Being a college student in general, I definitely believe that in your 4 years (or 5 or 7 or 10), you will feel like you’ve “failed” multiple times or like a reject, but here’s how you don’t let it discourage you.

    1. Sit down & breathe! I know, sometimes your first instinct after you fall down, is to jump immediately up and try again, but have you taken a second
    to breathe?9db929314c6fbc145637924c8110aa33

    Have you given yourself enough time to recover before going after that goal again? If you haven’t, why not? Consider taking just a few seconds to breathe, regroup and get your mind together.

    If you are someone who uses visualizations to relax, find some. If you pray in times of distress, bow your head. If you normally write out all your frustrations and worries, grab your journal. No matter how you deal with issues, deal with them first before you become so quick to jump up.

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    How to de-stress & tackle a busy week

    First, I know I know I know – when you have a super busy week full of appointments, work, meetings, church, volunteering, studying, teaching, etc. etc. etc., it can seem daunting and overwhelming at the thought that your to-do list is a mile long. But I am here to help. Now, let me start by saying, Girl I feel ya! Almost every Sunday I look at my planner and wonder “How in the world can I get all this done?” but I do it and you can to. So, here we go…

    1. BREATHE! Sounds simple right? But when you begin to feel overwhelmed, defeated and straight up out of it, taking a few deep breaths will help. No, I don’t mean huff and puff then think that’s it. Take a few moments, clear your mind of all things worrying you and take 5 deep breaths. Start by putting your right hand on your chest and left hand on yob81536e472c4eb229645497ccc0893edur stomach. As you take in as much as air as your lungs can handle, then slowly breathe out through your nose, you will feel a sense of relief. Really try to feel the motions of your body – the way your chest rises when you inhale and the way your stomach pushes out when you exhale. Got it? Okay good. Even when you feel frazzled during the day, irritated at your computer acting up or just need a second to regain composure, start with this simple breathing exercise.

    2. Prioritize, Eliminate & Let go!  A lot of

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